A New App That Will Find Stolen Smartphones and Protect Your Children from Danger

VANCOUVER, BC, Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The best part of the Hammer Security App is that it alerts parents when children are in danger but what really impressed the Mexican media was its ability to retrieve stolen or lost phones even if criminals turn it off.

“When these Mexican stories appeared only a few short months after the app was launched, downloads went viral,” said Hammer Security App Developer Bernardo Ruz. “If a thief shuts down a stolen phone, the app automatically sends a live location, pictures with audio to emergency contacts.”

But catching phone thieves red handed is just a small feature of the app’s true ability. Its original purpose is to protect children if they become victims of crime or involved in car accidents. This gives parents an extra peace of mind while children or teenagers are away from home. 

Unlike tracking apps, Hammer Security only alerts parents of emergencies confronting children. It doesn’t notify parents all the time of their children’s whereabouts. Teenagers are more likely to keep it on their phones because they don’t see it as intrusive but may delete tracking apps.

Also, a tracking app is really good at only one thing but when emergencies happen and the phone is powered off, it doesn’t send out alerts. The Hammer Security App is more realistic and focuses on alerting parents only when a crime or accident actually occurs.

Stolen phones are a big problem in the U.S.

“In 2013, about 3.1 million smartphones were stolen. That’s almost double from the year before. Victims have experienced loss of productivity, identity theft and fraudulent charges. Most phones are stolen when people are out at public places like restaurants, bars or even at work”, said Ruz.

Most teenagers have their phones stolen at parties. The first actions thieves do is turn off the phone, thinking it can’t be tracked. However, Hammer Security fools them into thinking it’s shut down but it’s really not. Instead the phone starts tracking, taking pictures and records audio.

When the thief thinks they’re turning the phone back on and tries to unlock the phone multiple times, the app’s algorithm will detect this and take an intruder selfie.

Hammer Security also has a collision detector and automatically notifies emergency contacts, even if the child is unconscious during a car accident. If they’re in a car accident, the app’s algorithm will detect the crash as high decibels and a sudden stop with changes in acceleration through sensors on the phone.

If children are being bullied, robbed or in any other emergency where someone tries to harm them, they can press a readily accessible panic button. It will immediately send live location, pictures with audio to emergency contacts. 

If children become victims of crime such as kidnapping, the app also alerts parents. The first action kidnappers do is shut down their victim’s phone.  They don’t throw the phone away since it contains important information they can use to negotiate a ransom with the family.

When this happens, the app fools them into thinking the phone is off when it’s really not so it immediately starts alerting parents and emergency contacts with pictures, audio and live location.

The Hammer Security app also lets you control it remotely. Log on to the Hammer Security website 24/7 to trigger alarms, display messages, take pictures, record videos or audios.

“The app is affordable and should be part of every parent’s arsenal at $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year and there’s a free version with ads, which can be downloaded at Google Play.”

Visit the Hammer Security App website for more details.  

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