A Few Pricey Lego Sets are the Most Popular Toys in 34 States during the Past Year, According to New Research from Premium Joy

WALNUT, Calif., Feb. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Legos appear to still be one of the most loved toys in the country no matter how expensive they get, according to a new research by the toy company Premium Joy.

The research data, which is based on information from Google Trends for the past year, revealed that four expensive Lego sets are the most popular toys in 34 states, the cheapest of which costs $200.  

Lego Home Alone has the top popularity as a toy overall, including in 25 states (i.e. half the US) even though its price is $250 which is not cheap. The second most popular toy Lego Titanic costs a whopping $630 and it is actually one of the most expensive sets currently offered by Lego.

"The data shows that inflation doesn’t seem to be limiting the interest Americans have in Lego products, no matter how pricey they become," says Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of Premium Joy. "In addition to the fact that Legos are generally loved by most of the population, people sometimes become attached to a particular toy (i.e. Lego set) simply because it evokes and reinforces an emotion they already have." Hassan continues, "For instance, the very high interest in the Lego set that’s themed around Home Alone movies may have to do with the feeling of isolation at home that we all experience since the pandemic started."

To read more details about this subject and learn about other interesting research findings related to the most popular toys during the past year, click here. In case you want to review the raw research data or ask some questions about the findings, you can contact Hassan Alnassir through the email hassan(at)premiumjoy(dot)com.

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